In view.jsp file add the below code.
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="portlet" %>

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="liferay-portlet" %>

<%@ page import="com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.ParamUtil" %>
<%@ page import="javax.portlet.PortletURL" %>
<%@ page import="javax.portlet.ActionRequest" %>
<%@ page import="javax.portlet.PortletRequest" %>

<liferay-portlet:renderURL var="portletURL"/>
String tabValue = ParamUtil.getString(request, "tab", "sampleTab1");
String includeURL = "/html/.../jsp" + tabValue.trim() + ".jsp";

<liferay-ui:tabs names="Sample Tab 1,Sample Tab 2,Sample Tab 3" 
param="tab" url="<%= portletURL %>" />

<c:import url="<%= includeURL %>"/>

and create the files with name give as in the 


Comments on: "Creating Tabs in Liferay Portlets with spaces in tab names" (1)

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