How to change portlet-title icon for a different one.

Using plugin hooks we need to customize the existing liferay taglib  jsp file .

file path given below

%LIFERAY_HOME%/webapps/ROOT/html/taglib/ui/icon/page.jsp find this piece of code:

Original code:

<liferay-util:buffer var="linkContent">
	<img class="<%= imgClass %>" src="<%= src %>" <%= details %> />

and replace it with this one:

<liferay-util:buffer var="linkContent">
<img class="imgClass" src="<%= src %>" <%= details %> /><div style="float:left" class="customImgClass"></div>
urlIsNotNull %>">

Next, in “Look and Feel” >> “Advanced Styling” >> “Add a CSS rule for just this portlet” and put below code in brackets.

#portletID .portlet-title .customImgClass{
background-image: url('/theme-name/images/custom/customicon.png');
width: 16px; 
height: 16px;
margin-right: 5px;
#portletID .portlet-title .imgClass{
display: none;


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